Did You Know it’s 2016?

I know what you’re thinking:

It’s not 2016, it’s 2006! What is Periscope?

That’s not what you’re thinking?

No, me neither.

But not only is it 2016, it’s almost half-way through 2016.

So far, 2016 has been fast-paced – lots of family visits, life lessons, and audiobooks (my new obsession).

This year, so far, I have:

  1. Fallen in love with Lizzy Bennett
  2. Fallen in love with Mr. Darcy
  3. Fallen in love with Jane Austen
  4. Been to Texas (I didn’t fall in love with Texas. Sorry, Texas. I only visit you because of the people you hold hostage.)
  5. Been to lots of cemeteries in Paradise
  6. Learned to cook a pot roast once and for all
  7. Co-hosted a bridal shower
  8. Become obsessed with Frasier and his entire family
  9. Been very overwhelmed by work
  10. Enjoyed my job quite a lot
  11. Realized some important things about life, the universe, and everything
  12. Seen Wicked and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder
  13. Seen Sleeping Beauty (the ballet)
  14. Finally tasted tender pork that was not bacon
  15. Gone to Disneyland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  16. Become obsessed with Audible
  17. Learned how to make bread
  18. Started planning a trip to Europe for next January
  19. Watched lots of British TV
  20. Written poems and worked on novels
  21. Had some very low points and some very high points
  22. A bunch of other really important stuff

I think I would like the year to slow down a bit, or maybe I need to slow down a bit? Not sure. Or maybe I need to just stress out less and be chill? Or watch more Brit TV? Yeah. That’s the one. Watch more Brit TV.



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