Measure by Measure.

Lately, I’m in a baking mood. Which really means I’m in a ‘window shopping for cute baking things’ mood. I love the simplicity of these West Elm measuring utensils.  1 / 2 / 3

A Chair of One’s Own.

Reading Chair   All you need in life is a chair of your own. Right? I think so.

This was my birthday present to myself this year. Because all you need in life is a birthday present to yourself.

Truth be told, I did not need this chair, just as I do not need many of the things I buy. Something of which I am constantly reminding myself (meaning: something of which my husband is constantly reminding me). But I am so happy to own it.

This is a place to read books. A little nook for inspired thoughts and words. A place to go when all the other places seem unfriendly. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there. You probably have your own nook too.

Everybody should have a nook.



Making ShelfI have a loft-office in my house. I love it because it’s beautiful and full of light. Up until recently it was also full of crap – sad but true. In a burst of spring cleaning fervor, I de-cluttered the space and began organizing my many unnecessary possessions.

One perpetual source of clutter is my collection of art-ing and crafting supplies. So I commandeered one of my husband’s unused bookshelves (thanks, husband! and also why do you hate books, husband?) and turned it into a ‘making shelf.’ I like to call it ‘making’ instead of ‘crafting’ because it makes me sound less like a frumpy quilter and more like a with-it-cool-person.

Maybe not, though.

My rule was: if it doesn’t fit in the shelf, it doesn’t fit in my life. Pithy.

Isn’t it cheery, though?