This picture has nothing to do with anything.

There are so many moments in a day. 

The days seem to fly by. Wake up, say good morning, make the coffee, go to work. The next minute you’re back in bed and everything that was going to happen has happened already and you don’t remember any of it. Except that you forgot to send that email or all of the things you didn’t do that will have to be done tomorrow instead. 

And yet. There are so many moments in a day. 

So many emotions experienced, so many words heard and spoken. Some of them incredibly insightful, some of them heartbreaking, some of them hilarious. One day you might hear the funniest thing you’ve ever heard in your life but you wouldn’t have the time to think about that. To congratulate the person who said it, to tell them what a milestone had been reached. 

Because we don’t have time to think of the innumerable incredible things that happen in a day. We have meetings to go to, people to care for, meals to make, all of the incredibly important and unimportant things that busy us from day to day. 

Yesterday you might have said something to someone that they will remember in a moment of quiet despair, when the silence nearly envelopes them. But then – there is your voice. You probably said whatever you said casually, not even realizing, maybe as you were walking out the door already thinking about the next thing you had to do. “Seeing you made my day.” A tiny thread stretching across miles and hours between your heart and theirs. 

We go through our days weaving these intricate webs. With every word and every action we add to those delicate threads, so delicate that 100 of them might snap in a given day only to be repaired by an apology, by the daily forgivenesses we grant to one another. 

Yes, there are many moments in a day and they’re happening whether we tend to them or not. We do our best, we build up and tear down and build up again. We go from day to day trying our very best simply not to destroy. Sometimes that’s all we can manage. 

Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes that’s more than enough. 


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