I have a lot of plans, people. Big plans, little plans. You name it. I got it.

Here I have kindly compiled for you A Completely Random Selection of Some of My Plans in No Particular Order:

(Lucky. Lucky. You.)

1. Write stuff. Doesn’t have to be good stuff. Just some stuff on a page.

2. Scratch that last part. Write BEST STUFF EVER.

3. Live a humble existence.

4. HAHAHAHA, NO. Be incredibly famous.

5. Learn to play a drum. Notice that I did not say ‘drums.’ Just one is fine. I’m only human, people.

6. Play my drum somewhere where other people can see and hear me playing it. This does not sound scary to you but that is because you are a normal person who does not begin to sweat from every single pore of your body whenever more than one person’s attention is directed at you. Evidence of my fear of the public: I have been writing this blog for two full months and have literally given NO ONE the url as of this post.

7. Maybe I’m adding overcome self-consciousness to my list of plans right now because #6 made me self-conscious about how self-conscious I am.

8.  😥

Ok, enough of this. It’s turning into a tail-spin. #8 wasn’t even a plan, it was just an emoticon.

If you’re wanting me to explain the point of all this, you’re about to be very disappointed.


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